"There is good space and lazy space. Some works for me. Some works for you. Some does not work at all. Space can create an atmosphere or an impression that makes an immediate impact. It can send shivers down your spine; it can warm your heart and make you feel at home. It is this immediate impact, those goose pimples, this emotion that excites me and engages all my senses. It drives me to explore new opportunities and attempt to develop a contextual understanding". 

Studio k is led by Krystyna Martin-Dominguez who studied at University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Art and Design, obtaining Distinction in Spatial and Interior Design. She has worked as an Interior Designer for an award-winning London based Architectural Practice.


At studio k we create charming, clutter-free, functional, family-friendly spaces. Homes where we can live our busy lives yet relax at the end of the day and enjoy stylish surroundings. Time and space are the most precious commodities we have so it is important we make the most of them.  Many of us live in properties that are more than a hundred years old, but our lifestyle continues to change and evolve, yet our homes haven't changed much, since they were built.

We believe in restoring the old with modern techniques and approaches, to bring out its character. By upcycling and using reclaimed objects, we protect the past by making it a part of daily life. We use different textures and give forgotten furnishing new meaning and function.

Drawing on a wide network of industry professionals and local artisans, we design and construct environments. We value quality, looking to use environmentally friendly products sourced at trade rates.